Lorch Microwave's Wireless Products consist of transmit filters, receive filters, duplexers, harmonic suppression filters and integrated assemblies designed to exacting specifications and primarily used in infrastructure environments. Catalog standards and off the shelf availability provide cost effective solutions to the telecom industry. These units incorporate standard air dielectric designs and custom high Q ceramic dielectric designs. In addition to the catalog standards, custom designs and generated to support specific customer requirements. Further customization through integrated solutions provides improved performance and reduced physical size while simplifying customer procurement. Through vertical integration, inventory management and efficient manufacturing controls, these custom designs and competitively priced and delivery time is minimized.

  • Low Cost Machined Housing
  • Low Intermod Construction
  • High Power Handling
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Psuedo Elliptic Designs
  • High Volume Production Capability

An extensive history of successful installations and a proven track record of qualification in accordance with numerous environmental conditions as specified per IP, NEMA and Mil-Specs, make Lorch Microwave a preferred solution provider for all commercial infrastructure needs.