Lorch Microwave's miniature discrete component filters are designed to give optimal performance where small size is critical. Electrical and mechanical requirements for each design are computer-generated, taking into consideration realizable "Q" and environmental conditions, then analyzed using our unique software, thereby reducing the amount of trial and error alignment.

  • 5 MHz to 10 GHz
  • 3 dB Bandwidths from <0.5 to >66%
  • Computer-Aided Designs
  • 10 Stock Series
  • Custom & Dielectric Resonator Designs Available

Lorch Microwave's filter designs are available to satisfy bandpass, lowpass, highpass, or bandreject applications. We have found through our years of service that one design does not fit all needs. In order to achieve today's required electrical performance, Lorch Microwave's engineers use a variety of electrical circuits ranging from coupled tank, mesh, resonant ladder, highpass/lowpass, or helical to achieve the desired performance. In some cases, a combination of circuit designs is used. This enables our engineers to provide you with the highest performance filters available.

Lorch Microwave has developed a series of package types to satisfy the majority of industry needs. These range from small TO8 packages to 1/4-wave designs. Actual package selection will depend upon your specific performance needs. All machining is done on computer-controlled machines, thereby reducing error and assuring repeatability of critical processes. Our designs incorporate high "Q" air wound or toroidal inductors and monolithic ceramic capacitors.